REISSWOLF assures that our confidential data and files are destructed according to the legal legislations.
Robert Meixner,
D-O-M-U-S Facility Management GmbH

Digital Records Management Solutions (D-RMS)

Any organization using a traditional paper-based filing system needs to consider a transition toward paperless processes. During a normal course of business, paper documents are produced, filed, retrieved, photocopied, and then mailed or faxed upon request. Then recipients often make copies for their records and proceed to re-create the information into an electronic form. The volume of paper documents created, managed, stored, and destroyed within an organization can become overwhelming. By adopting paperless business processes through digital records management and document imaging, organizations can benefit economically, increase productivity, and enhance business practices.

For an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of complete or on-demand digitalization of historical physical records, see table below.

REISSWOLF Digital Records Management Solutions works with highest security standards. We offer complete services with our IT Solutions for scanning, digital archiving and content management covering the whole lifecycle of a document.

Benefits for the customer with Digital-RMS

  • Legal compliance.
  • Real time access to information.
  • Multiple user with simultaneous data access.
  • Arkivimi dixhital.
  • Search for multiple related information.
  • Secure external database.
  • Systematic organisation and management of the data.
  • Integration in business processes, workflow.
  • Cost saving aspects (personnel, office, archives etc.).
  • No investments in hardware or IT infrastructure.
  • No transport costs.
  • Additional services (Consulting, workflows, input management).
  • Data recovery possibilities.
  • Highest security standards.

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REISSWOLF’s new electronic lock system “” offers intelligent data protection and guarantees a maximum of security for sensitive company data.

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