REISSWOLF staff is very competent, always friendly and accurate.
Erika Janott,
KSV-Financial Accounting


The constant evolution of data processing and the increase in volume of sensitive data has brought about the need for responsible service providers. On this background, REISSWOLF was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1985. The newly created company hit home among companies, public bodies and private individuals.

Very quickly, the clamour for comprehensive security standards grew loud. REISSWOLF took this demand very seriously and founded REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH in conjunction with eight other companies in 1989. The network now encompasses 17 companies throughout Germany, all of them pursuing the same goal – secure service and fast, efficient logistics.

Successful franchise system

Thanks to the international expansion of many companies – but also due to Internet-based communication – the standards that have been successfully established needed to be given cross-border validity. REISSWOLF International AG, founded in 1996, thus exported its technical and logistical expertise via a franchise system.

With resounding success. After a short time, the Hamburg head office was able to welcome its first international partners. By 2015, about 68 companies in 33 countries in Europe and beyond offer REISSWOLF services as franchisees.


1985 Volker Henning founds REISSWOLF.
1986 Kick-starts REISSWOLF Hamburg and immediately makes 46,000 € turnover.
In the same year 4 German partners set up their business under the REISSWOLF brand-name.
1987 There are already 8 franchisees.
1989 REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH is founded.
1992 17 REISSWOLF-partners cover the growing demand in Germany.
1994 REISSWOLF has become market leader in Germany.
1997 REISSWOLF International GmbH is founded.
1999 REISSWOLF has 37 partners in Europe.
2000 REISSWOLF International is converted to a public limited company. Start of Physical Records Management services.
2002 The founder of REISSWOLF, Volker Henning is awarded “Businessman of the Year”.
2003 Wirtschaftswoche magazine and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany honour REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH for "Best Cooperation 2003".
2004 The REISSWOLF Group is represented in 13 countries by 41 partners.
2005 The German Franchise Association (DFV) and the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. (NAID) welcome the REISSWOLF Group as a new member. The Group is now represented in 18 countries with 49 partners.
2006 The REISSWOLF Group is represented in 21 countries by 58 partners.
2007 The REISSWOLF Group has become market leader in the document and data destruction sector in Europe. In the records management segment, the company is in the top 5 in Europe.
2009 THE REISSWOLF Group continues to grow and is now represented in 26 countries with 63 sites. The REISSWOLF Archiving Software RWAS used by the first international partners.
2010 REISSWOLF welcomes new partners in Kosovo, Finland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Turkey.
2011 REISSWOLF presents the RFID based e-lock REISSWOLF is represented in 12 countries with Records Management Services partners.
2012 REISSWOLF Kazakhstan archiving facility opens in Almaty.
2014 REISSWOLF Angola joins the network + opens first REISSWOLF in Africa.
2015 further expansion: new partners in Macedonia, BiH, Albania, Russia (Moscow) and Lithuania.

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